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Review: Helmet Clip made by Andrew Schauer

Hi guys!

While at the Cle Elum ride a few weeks ago I met Andrew Schauer (AndrewS from the forums). He’s a Tenere owner from Wenatchee who has a great little invention for locking our helmets to the bike. It’s a very simple little hook that attaches under the seat. Install only took about 2-3 minutes and was incredibly easy. The hook, once installed, is very secure. Your seat becomes the clip; lift the seat, hang your helmet, and return the seat to the locked position.

Andrew is selling them for $10 a pair + shipping. Contact him directly at:

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The 2015 PNWSTOG Calendar

Pacific Northwest Super Tenere Owners Group

Dec 6 2014 Olympia toy Run ( meet at Normas I-5 and Nisqually 10am)

Jan 17/18
Tech day x2
The plan is to have a tech day for the Portland area guys Saturday and the Seattle area guys on Sunday

Feb 14/15

Mar 13/14

Apr 11/12
Stump jumpers Desert 100 Poker Run Odessa Wa.

Apr 25/26
Cathlamet Wa. weekend ride

May 9/10
High steel bridge to Wynoochie

June 6/7
Bend Or to Summer Lake Hot Springs Or

June 25-28 Touratech rally, Plain Wa.

July 18/19
Victoria BC ride w/our Canadian buddies

Aug 7-9 Charity scavenger hunt on the Olympic peninsula

Aug 15/16 Big event in Sandy Or / Mt Hood

Sept 12/13
Kettle valley Railway BC

Oct 10/11
Swap meet or ride

Nov 7/8

Dec 5/6

Glen “Northwest Cajun” Comeaux

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The 2015 PNWSTOG Calendar

Chris and his high milage Super Tenere

Pacific Northwest Super Tenere Owners Group

The other day, on another Super Tenere Facebook group, I saw that a guy was trading in his 2012 Tenere for a 2014 non ES.

That doesn’t sound uncommon, until you read on and realize that the 2012 had 130,728 miles on it! Well I had to get ahold of this guy and see what he did to rack up that many miles between 8/11/11 and 11/20/14. For the mathematically challenged as myself….that’s 1197 days or 3 years, 3 months and 9 days, an average of 109 miles a day….every day!

The amazing rider is Christopher Russell-Wood, from Annapolis Maryland. He commutes 100+ miles round trip to the city daily, and is also a multiple Iron-butt member with certificates for 1000 miles in 24 hours, 2000 miles in 48 hours, and 3000 miles in 72 hours. He’s even seen most of the states in the continental US. Another amazing thing…

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Chris and his high milage Super Tenere

Imported 1990 XT-750 Super Tenere now in the PNW

Pacific Northwest Super Tenere Owners Group

One of our members has come into possession of a very rare bike recently.

Gerald Massey is now the proud owner of a 1990 Yamaha Super Tenere XT750. It is one of only a few (if not the only) that were legally imported through Canada. The XT750 Super Tenere was brought here by a dealer in Florida for a September 1990 Cycle Magazine photo shoot. When the dealership folded, the inventory was sold off and this particular motorcycle was bought by a collector, where it sat in his collection for decades.

Before Gerald took possession, another PNWSTOG member, Kyle Bryant, eventually purchased the bike from that collector to go along with his 2013 XT1200 Super Tenere. It was a dream bike combo for Kyle, but unfortunately he was only able to keep it for a short time. Gerald saw an opportunity to keep it in the group and he jumped…

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Imported 1990 XT-750 Super Tenere now in the PNW

ACD Racing Parts Super Tenere Skid Plate

Pacific Northwest Super Tenere Owners Group

ACD skid plate 6

The Yamaha XTZ Super Tenere is known for having a vulnerable sump. I remember watching a review of all the big adventure bikes on YouTube and the Tenere was out of the running right away because the wimpy stock skid plate allowed the sump to be damaged during some high speed riding on a very rough road.

If you’re like most owners of this great, all-around beast, your off-road excursions are fairly limited. In contrast, I spend a fair bit of time riding these conditions. Having ridden the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route and several other rough/goat road excursions, I need good sump protection. The exhaust on the right lower side of the engine and the crossover near the rear of the motor can be easily crushed by a high spot in the road, dented by a stray rock or stick, and they are very expensive to replace! By appearance, the

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ACD Racing Parts Super Tenere Skid Plate